Videos and Newsletter Goodness?

Last Week’s Video:

This week’s Vido:

There are a lot of new newsletters floating around this year! So many of them just want to spout about what they are doing. A lot of them want to offer advice or a lesson. Mine so far this year has been an offering of all the daily drawing challenges and videos posted on my site through the week. That works out well for me because I can automate it. My day job is such that at a moments notice I can be whisked away to save some damsel in a dress in a foreign land (Texas). Automating it ensures that it comes out every week on time. But, like my show, I don’t want it to only be about me. I want to list upcoming events around the web from other artists. I want to highlight the really cool stuff that other people are doing too. That’s where you come in. What kinds of things would you like to see in this newsletter? Do you know of any upcoming classes online or in the world? Email me with suggestions or comments!

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