Video Tech 16JAN2017

Image of my video editing station

Video editing

This week’s Video Quiche (it’s pronounced “quickie”) is online at the YouTube. That’s the 3 minute version of a 90 minutes webcast. You can see it here:

The full info and steps about this process, and even the show in real time can be found on Sunday’s blog post here: The Artistic Biker Does Strawberries

Since the post on Sunday night already gave all the information about this video, I thought I would use Tuesday’s posts to talk about the tech I use to create, edit, and produce The Artistic Biker Live!

Let’s start with the software I use to create the raw footage.

When I broadcast, I use a program called Vidblaster. Vidblaster allows me to ad text to the screen, split screens, provide picture in picture, and swap cameras at will. It will even let me shoot live with a green screen and put me in any location I like. While none of this is required to stream or produce videos, I really like the added layer of “professionalism” it can add to a production.

I played with the green screen here:

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