Video Tech 09JAN2017

Image of my video editing station

Video editing

This week’s Video Quiche (it’s pronounced “quickie”) is online at the YouTube. That’s the 3 minute version of a 90 minutes webcast. You can see it here:

The full info and steps about this process, and even the show in real time can be found on Sunday’s blog post here: The Artistic Biker Does a Mantis Shrimp

Since the post on Sunday night already gave all the information about this video, I thought I would use Tuesday’s posts to talk about the tech I use to create, edit, and produce The Artistic Biker Live!

Let’s start with the software I use to edit the raw footage.

After I finish a show, I spend quite a bit of time editing the video. The first thing I do is edit the 90 minute webcast into an hour length YouTube video I refer to as The Longy. I take out all the dead air where I’m searching for stuff, running a hair dryer, answering the door… I sample the sound so I can make it rich and even across the entire recording, and I add logos and bumpers. Then I edit out the included “What’s On Your Easel” segment and dress it up with links and images. The same with the $2 Tutorials, and finally, the 3 minute Quiche available above.

I started out with the native video software that came with windows, and tried a few others along the way. But I found Cyberlink Power Director and quit looking any further. I have no relationship with them. They have not sponsored me in any way. But I find for the price, speed, and ease of use, there is none better.


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