Ustream Update 20MAY2010

The U-stream Show for tonight will generate the YouTube video that’s to be released Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. I’ve really been struggling with how this is going to be presented.  I began searching for images last week and I can’t seem to do so for more than a few minutes without getting pretty choked up.  Images of lost loved ones, fallen soldiers, the friends and family grieving, and even the stoic veterans in the parades dominate the search and apparently, I’m pretty sensitive to that sort of thing.  There are images of celebrations too, there’s the National Memorial Day Concert on the lawn of the Capital Building, and pictures of boats and picnics, but those photos all seem generic and could be for any holiday.  So, I’m not sure where the imagery will take us tonight.

I know that I want to play around with tissue paper printing for image transfers.  I like the idea that you can print on very thin paper to paste in as a mostly transparent image.  I can see a lot of use for this, so I want to play around with it tonight.

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