U-Stream Update 13MAY2010

Be sure and join me tonight at The Artistic Biker Live! from 7-9p US Central.  Tonight, I will discuss some heavy gloss layering techniques such as the 2-part epoxy that Wyane uses in her art.  Wyane also produces a number of videos on her YouTube Channel demonstrating her techniques.  While an inch of 2-part epoxy might be a bit tough in a journal, I’ve been playing with some different things to give a similar effect.

Also tonight, a further update on The Big Sucking T-shirt Machine!

Be sure and “tune in” tonight, Thursday, May 13th from 7-9p at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-artistic-biker !

3 thoughts on “U-Stream Update 13MAY2010

  1. Wyanne, I was so pleased to see you in the chat room Thursday night! Thank you so much!

    Sharon, I have to roofing permit, and I have been carefully removing the tin ceiling tiles with hopes that I could save some of them. Other than that, I’ve just been barely able to mow the grass. Now that my Monday class is done and My wife’s school will be getting out soon, we’re hoping to have more time to get over there and finish the demo so the real fun can begin!

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