Tips and Tricks 01JAN2012

I want a new feature JUST for the newsletter and RSS subscribers.  I’m galling it “Tips and Tricks”.  We have enough accomplished and aspiring artists in our group that we can begin sharing little tips we learn along the way to help each other out. I’ll start off with a tip about leaving acrylic paint in your brushes.  Don’t do it. It’s bad.  Acrylic paint dries to plastic and you shouldn’t let it dry on anything you don’t want bonded to plastic.  However, accidents happen.  A brush inadvertently get left out and now you’re stuck.  Not necessarily.  You MAY be able to soak that brush in ammonia over night.  The limited success I have had with this, the brushes lost a bit of their shape and were stained forever, but were still usable.  I have tried it once and it had no effect whatsoever. I have not tried it with rubbing alcohol, but I have heard that works too. Maybe I’ll “ruin” a couple of my Wal-Mart brushes and test it out for you. If anyone else has any tips or tricks they want to share for next time, just send them along to

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