Time Out!


Sometimes you just need to change your venue. You need to clear your head of all of life’s struggles. You find yourself eliminating anything not directly involved in breathing. Slowly, you begin to realize that life is more than just breathing. More importantly, you start to focus on just why you’re breathing in the first place. This move to Houston, while ultimately fabulous for my family, is taking its toll on us. I have the better end of the deal in that I am not having to be a single parent and all the struggles that go with that. On the other hand, they get to hold each other at night.

A few of you may have noticed that the show has been on extended hiatus. I hope to get it back up and running with its original focus in the next few weeks, but I’m not rushing anything. Right now, I’m just breathing.

Thank you for your continued support.

One thought on “Time Out!

  1. I understand completely my husband works out of town & sometimes out of state for months on end. I always remember why I married him. It’s not because of proximity but he makes me happy when he’s not even around.

    Best wishes to you & your family!!

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