The Rules of Art?

Last night’s EDM was to draw an egg carton.  This was another of those challenges that I may have to revisit with color.  This particular egg carton was made of the evil styrofoam and had a RAINBOW of colors bouncing off.  But, for this set of challenges I set parameters that require me to do as much as I can in graphite.  I set RULES.

I spend a great deal of time perusing other websites, forums, books and magazines that talk about the rules of art.  There are always discussions about photorealism being art or not.  There are discussions about whether you can call yourself a “watercolorist” if you use an opaque white.  What is “Art” if it’s not an expression of creativity?  Creativity will always use things in a new or different way.  How can you have rules for that?  The April edition of American Artist has an article about artist Penny Soto.  She does wonderful work with watercolor, but also using a wide variety of other mediums including colored pencils and an airbrush.  The title of the piece is “The Only Rule You NEED to Follow,” and contains a quote from Penny that I may have tatooed on my body somewhere, “If I think breaking a ‘rule’ will help a painting, then I just do it.”

Of course, I can’t get a tattoo because my parents are still alive.

EDM 92: Draw and egg carton

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