The Return of My Mistress

Once the children discovered my love of dinosaurs, I began receiving plastic toys, wooden models, posters, etc. every birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day.  I cherish every one of them.  Of course, I may have to add a room to the house just to contain them.  So when I saw last night’s EDM challenge, draw a present you received, I didn’t have to look to far.

My lovely wife has been in sunny California all week for a convention.  Girl2 and I have torn this house up like you would not believe.  You could not look at it and tell there was an adult presence at all.  There is a pile of art supplies on the kitchen table where we were drawing and painting last night.  There is a large cardboard box drawn up to resemble a tardis.  There are probably twenty different outfits strung around because we couldn’t decide what we wanted to wear.  And now, my bride is waiting for us to go pick her up.  Do I run through the house like a mad man and try to give it some semblance of order?  Do we jump in the car and run to her as fast as we want to?  Or do I stop and blog for a few minutes while Girl2 eats her cereal?  I’ll give you minute to figure out which I chose.

Of course I’m going to run through the house like a mad man.

EDM 96: Draw a present you received

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