Image of small toys piled randomly

Random Object toys

A couple of years of years ago, I became addicted to drawing these little toys called Toobs. They are educational toys produced by Safari Ltd. I currently keep them in a large sack and pull one out at random to draw for ten minutes each morning. After I draw it, I put it in a different bag so that I don’t get it again until I’ve drawn all of them and switch bags.

image of two canvas bags full of toobs

Bags of toobs

Since I’m spending ten minutes every day doing this, I notice my skills improving faster and my motivation to do it growing. After a few weeks it began to feel awkward if I didn’t do it. I have to tell you, it takes several weeks to get it to the habit stage where your day is not right if you don’t do it, but it only takes a weekend to break the habit.
I thought that some of you might want to draw along. I can’t promise that I’ll get a post online every day. I will, however, try to post as often as I can. 

To that end, I cut up this beer carton and taped a large sheet of drawing paper to it for a make shift light stage.

Image of a cut out cardboard beer crate with drawing paper taped to it

Beer crate light stage

This allows me to eliminate unwated shadows and colors so you get a nice crisp image to draw. I will upload the images in color and in grey scale, as well as my completed sketch.

image of a whale toob in color on a white background

Color whale toob

Greyscale image of a whale toob on a black background

Greyscale whale toob

Image of a whale toob sketch and a whale toob

Whale toob

However, I find that the two sack system is cumbersome, annoying, and not nearly as eccentric as I like. That’s when I began thinking about building an alternative system. Inspired by the vending machines in grocery stores I have been building my own.

image of a large wooden box with a light, a window, and a hole for dispensing toobs

Random Object Randomogrifier

I’m still working out some of the details, but I intend to fill the RANDOM OBJECT RANDOMOGRIFIER with 500 capsule full of toobs. It should make it where I just pull one out at the bottom, draw it, and drop it back into the top. I may enhance it with a motorized delivery system. All of that will have to wait until I know what size capsules and tube will work for the toobs. 

I fully expect this to get wildly out of hand.

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