The Nude Manequin

I have scantily clad women as wallpaper on my PC.  I tell myself that they are for figure drawing practice.  I have over 2000 of them.  Tonight, my manequin assumed the provocative pose that was on my monitor.  I tried to capture it in Rose Art watercolors.  He’s a naughty manequin.

Also, tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw something I am thankful for.  This one was tough considering the parameters I’ve placed on myself for this challenge.  I thought of my family, but how do I represent my whole family on a page that’s 3.5″x5″?  I thought about my home, my health, my job…  The problem is that “What I’m thankful for” isn’t a thing, but an abstract idea.  No, what I’m most thankful for is Time.  Time to do the things I love.  Time to work.  Time to myself.  But most importantly, I’m thankful for the time that I get to spend with friends and family.  My time with my loved ones is limited, and I cherish every second of it.  God speed, Mike, rest in peace.

EDM 43: Draw something you’re thankful for

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