The Howlings

Recently, the whole family took a trip with some friends to the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary. I took a lot of pics, but mostly of mushrooms I wanted to paint later.

In the gift shop on the way out I bought a patch for my motorcycle vest. When it came time to sew it on, however, I realized I hadn’t ridden the bike and it wouldn’t be right sewing on a patch I hadn’t earned. So I decided to load up and ride out for the day. About that time, Girl2 texted me to let me know she was home with me. I had no idea. I told her my plan and she said, “Say less! I’ll be right back down in jeans!” And that is how I ended up riding with my little girl for the day.

Since she suffered the ride out there, I got her a patch too. Now she needs a leather vest.

Also, here are the mushrooms…

If you paint them, please tag me in IG @theartisticbiker

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