The Artistic Biker Does Dental Masochism!

The videos from this week's The Artistic Biker Live! Ustream broadcast are up and online. You can enjoy them 3 ways:
5 minute Quiche – a speed painting with me singing badly: Art Journal Dentistry

1 hour Longy – A bit more polished with all of the funny stories but none of the paint drying: The Artistic Biker Does Dental Masochism

Or the 2 hour original webcast complete with all of the hairdryer time and me forgetting to talk:

Special thanks to +Kerri Love, +Eveline Hessels, +Leslie Herger, and +Amy L. Rawson for their participation in What's On Your Easel, and to +owen swain, +Cliff Roth, and +Dmitri Arbacauskas for helping to spread the word.

You can find all of the links to the show and links to the viewers and participants on the blog at

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Art Journal Dental Masochism | The Artistic Biker
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