Sunday Round Up 13MAY2012

where to buy cenforce online This week’s youtube video is the Clutter page.  With everything going on that week, my desk, my house, my life and my minder were all a clutter.  So I did a page about it.  You can watch the video here:

This week I will be out of town for the day job so I won’t be able to do art class on Tuesday.  I SHOULD be able to make The Artistic Biker Live! on Thursday.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Also, I have been participating in Ayala’s 29 Faces challenge.  A face a day for the month of May.  Except you get two days of wiggle room.  I feel like I’m cheating because I was already doing the 100 Days Art 5 min faces and she said I could just use them for her as well.  That’s good, because I’m not sure I could take on another set of faces to draw right now.

 Girl2 and I went to breakfast very late Saturday.  I caught her mid blink for this pic and it looks like she’s about to pass out.  I thought I would try capturing a few faces in the crowd around me.  She did a self portrait.

The gallery is coming along nicely.  I was there until after 2am Saturday staining the floor.  It turned out pretty well, but it’s not dry yet.  Also, there was some old glue on the floor that I couldn’t really get scraped up, but after I flooded the floor it started coming up on its own.  I’ll have to scrape that off before I can seal the floor.  I hope more of it doesn’t decide to float when I put down the sealer.

Lastly, I’ve been asked to announce that Rhomany is hosting a workshop on stylized portraits.  She was SUPPOSED to get me a blurb about it, but artists can’t be bothered with details, right?  :) Anyway, check out her classes over at her site,

Also, my buddy Jay has been putting together some portrait classes.  You can check out his you tube lessons here:


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