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Baby Byte

Baby Byte

Monday night, my lovely bride and I wandered out of Wal*mart with two new laptops.  This was just in time as her desktop crashed tonight.  It was the ‘puter that hosted our wireless network so there was a bit of cussing and discussing while I sorted that out.  Anyway, after I mowed the lawn and had dinner with my family, I worked on the network.  Then, I spent the next hour configuring the laptop so that I could work on the blogs with it.  Just the other night on Twitter, Lethe Bashar and I were lamenting the fact that so much of art is waiting.  There is always waiting for glue or paint to dry, film to process, pizzas to arrive, etc, or programs to install on a new computer system.

At least now I can address all the wonderful comments and do my online research without being separated from the family.  Or I could go to the coffee house!

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