Portrait WIP IV

garrett9When last we left our hero, he was contemplating starting over on the nose of our little friend…

If you look at his nose in this image, you can see that it’s not quite right to the photo.  It gives him kind of a muzzle that’s not really there.  g-manFrom the photo, the right hand side of his right bottom tooth should fall almost square in the middle of his right nostril.  The right edge of the right nostril should line up under the corner of the right eye.  Also the left nostril should be steeper and rounder, as should the ball of the nose.  I think all in all, this nose just needs to be reworked.

garrett10bGot the nose all put back into place and started laying in some features to the hair and ear.  I really only started that to distract me from the main face so that I wouldn’t over work it.  I’m fixated on it right now and it’s already starting to look “smudgy” instead of soft.  Since the ear and the hair are not really the focal points, I probably won’t put too much detail in, just enough so you can see what’s going on.  I need to finish the shape of the chin and the facial shading and I think I’ll have it.

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