Passing Time

Thing-a-day and the EDM challenges have occupied much of my time for the last month.  Today, the first post-thing-a-day day, I find that I feel like I still need to be working on it.  I told my wife I was thinking about making- and she cut me off right there.  She said that she was very proud of me for completing the challenge.  She even encouraged me to incorporate more creativity into my daily life.  But she also told me it was time to quit obsessing.  She’s often considered the “Sensible” one.  But there IS the Create Every Day challenge

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw my New Year’s resolution.  These challenges were originally inteded to be weekly.  If I had started at the right time in the year, and had I been doing these weekly, this would have made more sense.  The challenges at the EDM yahoo group are up to 210.  Eventually they will get to 365 and can re-organize them into more of a calendar.  Then, when you start you would just pick that day from the calendar and drive on.  Until then, many of these will not make much sense for the time of year.

My New Year’s resolution was self improvement.  I quit smoking in the middle of 2008 with the intent of being 6 months nicotine free by New Years.  That way when I started 2009, it would almost be like a fresh start.  I gained an extra 40 pounds.  2009 is going to be about becoming the person I think I am.  I want to study a broader area of knowledge.  I want to practice my guitar more.  I want to sing more, dance more, play more.  And yes, I want to “Art” more.

EDM 49: Draw your New Year’s resolution

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