Organized Chaos

Today’s Everyday Matters challenge was to draw a bit of organized chaos.  Wow if that’s not my whole life in a nutshell!  Every where I look there’s a book I’m reading or mean to read or just finished reading.  There’s a pile of magazines scattered through my office full of projects for me to take on from learning a new acoustic guitar song and drawing realistic legs, to the latest tech craze and fixing that nasty slice in my golf swing.  There are PILES of these things, I tell ya.  It doesn’t stop there.  There’re my art supplies that need organized and put away strewn about my desktop.  There are tools stacked throughout the house for various projects in different stages of completion.  That’s just the physical stuff.  That doesn’t even touch the emotional things going on in my world right now, let alone what I want to be when I grow up.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get that organized, but maybe I can shove it into a tote and slide it under the bed.

EDM 9: Draw a bit of organized chaos

2 thoughts on “Organized Chaos

  1. I always thought if I were a man, I’d marry someone quite willing and in fact, not happy, unless they were helping me…but the workplace would be out of her jurisdiction, so I’d then use the Artist’s Awfully Awesome Mind excuse and shuffle things around

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