Oh Snap!

Last night’s EDM was to draw a traffic sign.  I have one of these in my front yard.  So, at 10pm I traipsed out of the house to draw a school zone sign.  Of course it was cold.  I really need to start looking at these challenges in advance.

I love spring time in Oklahoma.  I know other places have spring also, and I’m sure they experience these same issues.  This morning it is 25°F outside.  By this afternoon it is expected to be 75°F.  That means whatever warm, protective clothing you wear out of the house, you will have to carry home.  The vast majority of people in this part of the world run outside and warm up their cars before it’s time to leave, or at least their car warms up on the trip to work.  So they will dash out of the house in a light jacket and dash in to work, not spending much time out in the freezing air.  Even the ones that do work outside will take off their coveralls and throw them into their vehicle.  It’s a little different on a motorcycle.  I will leave this morning with six layers of clothing.  Getting them home can sometimes be challenging.  I did empty all of my art supplies out of my saddle bags so I probably have room to carry my clothes.  But then I had to steal the bride’s backpack for my art supplies.  Luckily, she doesn’t notice these things.  When she does, I point at Girl2 and shout, “Look at that baby!”  When she’s distracted, I run away.

EDM 85: Draw a traffic sign

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  1. BTW where are MY colored pencils??? and yes that baby is cute but I can’t finish my painting layout because I have been robbed yet again! Geeez 2 artists in 1 house with a 3 yr old on her way to being the next Matisse! No wonder money is tight;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting-my grandma was released yesterday-hooray! I’m enjoying your drawings and your commentary!

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