Octopus's Garden

Office supplies have always held a certain fascination for me.  Briefcases, planners, legal pads, stationery, pens… I love playing in the office supply stores.  The other day I was walking through Staples and found this really cool pen that switches from black ink to blue ink to red ink to pencil.  It came with an optional stylus, so I took out the red ink and now it is a stylus for my PDA!  I love this kind of stuff.  Yes… yes it is sad, I know.

Anyway, the EDM challenge tonight was to draw something metallic.  PERFECT!

While listening to my mp3 player on the ride home from work, Octopus’s Garden came up.  Giggling to myself, I immediately began planning for tonight’s thing-a-day.

EDM 32: Draw something metallic

0 thoughts on “Octopus's Garden

  1. Octopus’s Garden is a close runner-up to the bearded babit (?). This is a happy drawing. I especially like the colors of the water, they too reflect happiness.

    It is a very sad thing to finally realize and understand why you and your lovely young bride get somewhat upset when I take Girl 1 and Boy 1 to buy school supplies. You wanted to do it because you love getting to “fondal” all of the new pens, pencils, pads, notebooks, etc. Well, I would say I am sorry but I’m not becasue I too love all of those cool pens, pads, and day planners WOW. I should be the most organized person alive.

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