My favorite object

Today’s every day matters drawing challenge was to draw your favorite object.  After two divorces and having everything and everyone I love stripped from me, I have really learned to curb my materialism.  I still want things, to be sure, but I just don’t find that I have the same attachment to them that I used to.  The question that I kept asking myself was: “If the house were on fire, what would I run back in to save?”  Of course the obvious is my family, then our clothes and photos…  I don’t consider my family to be objects and clothes are a necesity not necessarily my favorite.  Pictures are really just irreplaceable.  I couldn’t come up with anything.  So I changed the question.  “If I could be doing anything in the world I wanted, what would I be doing right now?”  Besides that.  Oh, definately besides that.  This is, after all, a family oriented blog.  Anyways, just because you objectify someone doesn’t make them an actual object…  It came down to golf, reading, and drawing.  So, the closest I could come to a favorite thing would be my 7 iron.

EDM 6: Draw your favorite object

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