Life, The Universe, and EVERYTHING!


On Monday, January 28th, upon waking up, the answer to Life, The Universe, and EVERYTHING was bestowed upon me.  Then she went to work and I happily went about the rest of my birthday doing the things I always do on my birthday.  Each year I schedule an eye exam, ear exam, dental exam, and a physical.  This year I was only able to get the eye exam in and the doc said my eyes were relatively healthy.  Yay! Wait, what?

This year, I turned 42.  There is so much excitement going on in my life right now, I really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.  After the eye exam, I had a fried onion hamburger from my favorite greasy spoon, I recorded an interview at a local radio station, then I got a deep tissue massage.  The only two things that could have improved upon that would have been if I had sold a painting and if the day had ended the same way it began.  ANYWAY… there’s video for the page here:



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