I'm not dead yet! LOL!

edm123yellowSeveral of you have written to ask if everything is going all right on my end.  I thank you all very much for your concern.  My day job has had a major “Reduction In Force” and I have been tasked to pick up more responsibilities outside in the shop, in the office, and on the road.  I admit there has been a certain amount of depression that comes with “laying off” your friends and colleagues.  Couple that with my refusal to quit reaching for my fitness goals and my attention to my beautiful pregasaur and it just has not left much time for posting either here or at The Small Town Big Life, let alone much drawing or painting.  However, I have a plan to change all that.  I am currently starting yet another vacation.  That should free up some time to help automate some of the tedium and speed up the processes for posting.  That way, I can focus on what’s important to me *INCLUDING* these websites.  Anyway, I haven’t posted an EDM in a while, so here is EDM 123, something yellow.

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