If Bob Ross, Justin Wilson, and Red Green had a love child, it would be me

This week's Artistic Biker videos are up:Saturday, August 13th, is National Lefthanded Day.@Ikerrilove and @Daleannepotter challenged @journalartista to do her entire show on Saturday using only her left hand. When I saw the tweet, I thought that sounded like a WONDERFUL challenge so I picked up and did it too. During the show, I did the entire page with my left hand, I exposed both my dad and my wife as being bidextral.Here are the links to the artists included in the What's On Your Easel segment:+owen swain – http://owenswain.com/+Dmitri Arbacauskas – http://www.tormentedartifacts.com/+Amy L. Rawson – http://www.thirdroar.com/+Cliff Roth – http://www.facebook.com/Cliffcature+Kerri Love – http://ikerrilove.blogspot.com/+Dale Anne Potter – http://www.daleannepotter.comClare H – http://gotpaintinmyhair.blogspot.com/Arty Em – http://creativeartjournal.blogspot.com/+Justin Vining – http://www.justinvining.com/2-hour live version: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16582462 1-hour edited version: The Artistic Biker Does Something Sinister and the 5-minute speed version: Art Journal For Lefties

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The Aritistic Biker Does Something Sinister, Saturday, August 13th, is National Lefthanded Day. @Ikerrilove and @Daleannepotter challenged @journalartista…

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