How To Braid Your Back Hair…

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw something that I’ve made.  It has been a long time since I actually made something from scratch.  Well, something interesting anyway.  I built a book case two or three years ago, but that’s just a big box with shelves.  I welded a set of hearts into a paper weight five or six years ago.  Lately I spend my time customizing things I buy.  I busy myself hot gluing pencil cases and sharpeners into field sketch pads.  But I made this back scratcher a while ago.  It’s a large comb nailed to a 5/16″ bamboo rod.  I wrapped some wire around the business end and slipped a piece of copper tubing over the other end to keep the rod from splitting out.  I need to make a new one.  I wonder if that would qualify for the thing-a-day challenge?  A step by step wip on making a back-hair-braider is creative *AND* usefull.

EDM 19: Draw something you’ve made

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