Holiday Cards and Bathtime

First, I must apologize! The night before last was figure drawing night and I promised you pics. My beautiful young bride is away for the week and she took the camera! They will be up by Sunday after she returns.

Last night I had the brilliant idea that instead of staying up until 1am to get my EDM challenge done and uploaded after Girl2 went to bed, I would do the challenge while she took her bath. So as the tub was filling I ran around the house looking for a holiday card to satisfy EDM 94. All of them are put away except for my homemade birthday card. So I grabbed it, my pencil and sketchbook, and plopped the pumpkin into her bubblebath. She splashed and squealed and had a grand time of it. I, on the other hand, found that my still life setup was not quite ready for the bathroom floor. Perhaps if I had taped the card to something so that it wouldn’t keep falling down… Or maybe if I had brought an umbrella…

“Hey Dad! Check this out! I’m a killerwhale!” – Girl2 while shooting up out of the tub to splash back down.

EDM 94: Draw a holiday card

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