Hanging Around

I am infatuated with clouds. One of the things that attracted me to Houston, aside from the lack of ice, was the huge blue skies and white puffy clouds. My phone has DOZENS of pics of the sky at various times of the day and weather conditions. But the puffy white ones on the sapphire sky just blow me away.

In my watercolor Practice, when I’m not inspired by anything else, I know I can whip out a few cloud pics for practice.

If you know any tips on how to make them more “cloud-like”, I’d love for you to share them with the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. Clouds are so elusive and there seems to be no end of ways to do them but I was introduced to the reductive method; wet into wet blue sky, then blotting with a wodd of paper towel. Works pretty well and then I let dry and go back in with shadows. Just another way.

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