Girl2 Fills In

Composition in Primaries

Composition in Primaries

While Daddy is away in Louisiana on a business trip, Girl2 is filling in:

Done in the back of a minivan on the way home, this started out as a wonderful drawing of my beautiful mommy.  Then, over the course of the drive, it morphed into an alien with a spider body… or a spider on its face… with a rocket ship like on Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Ed. Note: While I did paraphrase a little, it should be noted that my three year old really does speak this way.

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  1. Ah, the buds of artistic splendor nestled compactly in a three-year-old.

    This has got it all. Engaging depth, radiating energy…and what’s not to like about hairy-legged spiders. swwwweeeet!

    Thanks Girl2, for wearing the daddy pants for a day, and sharing such a great piece of art with the world!

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