Figure Drawing

So today at (snicker) “work” (/snicker) I decided I would play around with a little figure drawing. It’s not exactly what you think. The nude above was an intro piece I did for an online figure drawing class I signed up for over at Drawspace. It was supposed to demonstrate my beginning skill level for a comparison at the end of the class. This was supposed to be a six week class. At the start of the third week, the instructor took ill and wasn’t able to complete a lesson for us. Today, at the start of the fourth week, the lesson came with the message that this would be the last in the series. The drawing I did today demonstrates that I have not learned what I needed to consider myself skilled at figure drawing.

0 thoughts on “Figure Drawing

  1. yo man!

    hey nice website..

    just wanted to say that first figure drawing is the bomb!

    serious, you were already a good artist..

    most of the books out there can really teach you as good as a teacher (ok maybe not the best teachers) but….

    don’t give up…just do what you were doing the first time…

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