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21apr09puritanFor the last three weeks, I have been going to figure drawing with the Oklahoma Artists Guild.  Since I was not an art major in college, I had never been in a figure drawing group before this.  I wasn’t even sure it was available outside of university life.  The first two weeks of the month they do a series of short poses between five and twenty minutes.  The third and fourth weeks of the month, they do long poses. 21apr09ii From 7-9, the model assumes one pose and stays there (except for breaks).  These sketches are from the third Tuesday, a long pose session.  After the first break I found myself concentrating on the things that defined the model.  That is I focused on things like her hands and feet, her shoulders and her face.  Then someone pointed out to me that I could draw hands, feet and faces anywhere.  That was a very good point.  My time with the model was limited and I should focus on the shapes and folds, shadows, muscle and fat that support the clothes of everyone else. 21apr09iii I should do that, but I was more interested in the way her hands folded over her ankle.  On the last Tuesday of the month, instead of going to the second long pose session of figure drawing, I will be going to the OKC chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America.  More on that next week.

edm103saltandpeppershakersEdm 103, salt and pepper shakers, was a fun challenge.  First I had to decide which of the 1000 different sets belonging to my lovely wife I should draw.  I like the spherical ones on our dining room table, which of course is what I chose.  I’m afraid, however, that I might have chosen them for the wrong reason.  I actually chose them because I was avoiding the glass and metal ones.  I am still intimidated by reflective surfaces so I avoid them.  That is unfortunate because the works that I admire most are the close cropped still lifes that involve glass marbles, puddles of liquid, or shiny bowls.  This is something I will definitely be working on.  Of course, I will post the lessons and the progress here for you to follow along.

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  1. They say an entire human life can be told in the folds and lines of the hands. Lovely rendering of the hands and feet.

    But the full figure is outstanding. The rendering is so easy breezy…not a tense moment in the whole composition. Ergo, it gives off a subdued feeling…letting the observer relax and enjoy the vision.

    Avia Venefica’s last blog post..Chrysanthemum Meanings

  2. Oh, Aveen, that would be wonderful. I have already sent you an e-mail. Thank you.

    Avia, on the full figure I tried to make nothing but sweeping strokes to mark the paper. I may have gotten carried away in places, but I like the effect. I’m glad you liked it too. Thank you.

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