Excuse me while I whip this out

sketchbook28jul2009What I love about being on vacation, aside from not having to work, is that whenever I like I can just whip out my pocket sketch book.  This is something I truly need to work toward doing professionally.  I need to be a professional vacationer.  I have been playing with the new Sharpie pens too.  I don’t know how new they truly are, but they have been advertising the tar out of them so I thought I’d give them a whirl.  I think they are right up there with the Faber-Castells.  They’re still scratchy, but I love the instant dark lines.

beerbottleDrawing my beer turned out to be an issue for me because I kept drinking it.  Apparently I was having difficulty putting it back in the same position.  But I love just sketching when I feel like it.  Of course, it gets on my lovely wife’s nerves when she’s ready to go and I’m busy shading something.

radisonSitting pool side and drying off a little before going in for dinner, I got in a quiche looking up at the hotel.  I like that because there’s a lot of perspective to play with, practice, and learn from.  I don’t thinkone can *EVER* get enough practice at perspective.

carafesWe went to eat at IHOP and while we were waiting for the food I whipped out my handy li’l sketchbook to draw the coffee carafes.  We have His and Her’s carafes because the Pregasaur isn’t allowed caffeine.  Having learned my lesson from the beer, I wouldn’t let anyone move the carafes until I had the basic layout and shading in place.  My beautiful bride tells me I may not survive this vacation.

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  1. Make sure you draw things that there is no chance she will need/want while you are sketching them. Keeping the coffee hostage is almost unforgivable!

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