Every Day Matters

Moira\'s CrockDanny Gregory‘s wife had a terrible accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.  After caring for his wife all day, and their infant son all evening, Danny was left tired, angry, numb and bitter all at once.  Danny turned to drawing as a sort of therapy to help him through.  Soon, the daily sketches were joined with journal entries.  After several days, months, even years, Danny and his wife and son are living happily.  They still have troubles, to be sure, but they have learned to work through the darkness.  Danny published his story, and his drawings in a book entitled, “Every Day Matters“.  A quick search on google and you will find that there are now thousands of people drawing every day, because every day matters.  There is a yahoo group that maintains a list of daily/weekly challenges just to keep you going.  The more I looked into this, the more inspired I became.  I will definitely buy the book, but for today here’s my sketch of challenge one: Draw a shoe.  You can follow along in my gallery.  Every day that I manage to post something, look for the “EDM#” to guide you to the latest sketch.

EDM 1: Draw a Shoe

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