EDM Project

The Every Day Matters Project is a list of daily/weekly challenges.  The list can be found HERE.  Cruise over to the everyday matters yahoo group, or just go it solo, but draw every day.


For this project, the only tools I will be using (at least to start) are a mechanical pencil with .5mm lead and a 3.5″x5″ 50lb strathmore sketchbook.  So the images you see here?  They’re about life size.

    Click the links below to see my results:

    • EDM 1-30
    • EDM 31-60
    • EDM 61-90
    • EDM 91-120
    • EDM 121-150
    • EDM 151-180
    • EDM 181-210
    • EDM 211-240
    • EDM 241-270
    • EDM 271-300

    EDM 0001: Draw a Shoe

    EDM 0002:  Draw a Desk Lamp

    EDM 3:  Draw a Purse or Bag

    EDM 4: Draw a mug or cup Does a sippy cup count?

    EDM 5:  Draw your bed

    EDM 6: Draw your favorite object

    EDM 7: Draw a bottle, jar or tin from your kitchen

    EDM 8: Draw your watch or jewelry

    EDM 9: Draw a bit of organized chaos

    EDM 10: Draw your hand(s)

    EDM 11: Draw your glasses. OK, so they’re motorcycle goggles.  Sue me.

    EDM 12: Draw your dinner

    EDM 13: Draw your phone

    EDM 14: Draw what you see when you wake up.

    EDM 15: Draw a tree or branch

    EDM 16: Draw a favorite tool

    EDM 17: Draw a musical instrument

    EDM 18: Draw the view from a window

    EDM 19: Draw something you’ve made

    EDM 20: Draw something “Dad”

    EDM 21: Draw something old, antique or vintage

    EDM 22: Draw a piece of clothing


    EDM 23: Draw your foot

    EDM 24: Draw a piece of fruit

    EDM 25: Draw a drinking glass

    EDM 26: Draw anything you like… or a vegetable

    EDM 27: Draw a book

    EDM 28: Draw an appliance

    EDM 29: Draw architecture

    EDM 30: Draw a chair

    EDM 31: Draw something you collect

    EDM 32: Draw something metallic

    EDM 33: Draw an eye

    EDM 34: Draw a fall leaf

    EDM 35: Draw a bicycle or part of one

    EDM 36: Draw in public

    EDM 37: Draw a some keys

    EDM 38: Draw something related to Halloween

    EDM 39: Draw at a museum

    EDM 40: Draw your toothbrush

    EDM 41: Draw something with folds

    EDM 42: Draw a landmark of your city

    EDM 43: Draw something you are thankful for

    EDM 44: Draw something china or ceramic

    EDM 45: Draw an animal

    EDM 46: Draw the inside of your medicine cabinet

    EDM 47: Draw something “Holiday”

    EDM 48: Draw any previous challenge

    EDM 49: Draw your New Year’s resolution

    EDM 50: Draw your fridge

    EDM 51: Draw your entryway

    EDM 52: Draw your favorite TV show on TV

    EDM 53: Draw a dog

    EDM 54: Draw a mouth

    EDM 55: Draw something/someone you love

    EDM 56: Draw a doorknob

    EDM 57: Draw a self portrait

    EDM 58: Draw a picture in a frame

    EDM 59: Draw headgear

    EDM 60: Draw something “Spring”

    EDM 61: Draw a group of similar items

    EDM 62: Draw a previous challenge in a different medium

    EDM 63: Draw something you would pick up on a nature walk

    EDM 64: Draw your sink

    EDM 65: Draw a nose

    EDM 66: Draw a fire hydrant

    EDM 67: Draw something “mom”

    EDM 68: Draw your computer

    EDM 69: Draw a beverage

    EDM 70: Draw what you’re afraid of

    EDM 71: Draw something that represents your favorite sport

    EDM 72: Draw somewhere new

    EDM 73: Draw a mailbox

    EDM 74: Draw clouds

    EDM 75: Draw the ingredients of your favorite food

    EDM 76: Draw some flowers

    EDM 77: Draw something cold or cool

    EDM 78: Draw a souvenir

    EDM 79: Draw an ear

    EDM 80: Draw a streetlight

    EDM 81: Draw your artspace

    EDM 82: Draw a body of water

    EDM 83: Draw some bread

    EDM 84: Draw your neighborhood store

    EDM 85: Draw a traffic sign

    EDM 86: Draw your lunch

    EDM 87: Draw something breezy

    EDM 88: Draw a button or buttons

    EDM 89: Draw something with wings

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