Drinking Glass

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw a drinking glass.  I purposely avoid drawing metal and glass, so this was particularly intimidating for me.

Once I drew it, though, I had to do it again in pen and watercolor.  I really like this medium better.  One of the biggest reasons I took on the EDM challenge was to improve my basic drawing skills.  By following the list, it forces me to push my bounderies, to leave my comfort zone.  I feel like I’m improving and that gives me more confidence to make bolder lines and color choices.  I dig that.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America.  There were not many in attendence as the meeting had been moved due to inclement weather.  They were making a poster to represent their chapter at the national convention.  The poster was to be made up of 2″x3″ cards with different drawings on them.  The theme was “Seasons”.  I chose Spring.

EDM 25: Draw a drinking glass

2 thoughts on “Drinking Glass

  1. The watercolor glass is much more definitive than the pencil sketch. The watercolor looks like I could pick it up and drink out of it.

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