Drawring Lessons 07JAN2009

things made of cubesI’ve been going over the Wet Canvas website.  They have tons of arts and crafts things going on, but of interest to me in particular was the drawing and sketching section.  There, they have a virtual class room Drawing 101 and Drawing 201.  They follow along with the book, How to Draw What You See.  This week, I’ve been practicing drawing cubes in perspective while cupping my pencil.  I don’t spend more than 10 minutes a night on it.  That’s all I intended to spend on the blog.  By the time I get the pix scanned in and edit it down the way I want it, it always turns into an hour+.

So Sunday night was small boxes stacked on the table in front of me for my cubes.  Monday was a lunchbox, zune, and a couple other things around the room.  Tuesday, the fridge, oven, microwave, window…  By Wednesday I grew weary of just drawing cubes so tonight I just did the whole room in cubes.

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