Drawing Nekid People: Jonah

On Tuesday night, I like to go to my buddy Rix’s house and draw nekid people. He has a garage apartment in the back that he has converted into a drawing lab. In the garage itself there’s all manner of wood working, paper making, pastel and charcoal making supplies, and there is almost always some kind of Himalayan Yak Yodelling music playing to expand your mind. Exactly what I would do with a man cave sans Yak Singing.

Tonight the model was Jonah, I think. Being forgetful and deaf are just a few of the glories that come with age. Anyway, it’s been a while since I went over there and I was trying to decide if I should, when I got a birthday card from my mother. The card had two month’s worth of figure drawing fees in little bundles with encouraging notes about habit forming and figure drawing. THEN I got an e-mail from Rix telling me about a hand drawing workshop he is offering in April. (Which i signed up for, by the way.) Perfect timing to ask if there were any openings in the figure lab. He said of course there was room for me and promised to dig up some Eskimo Winter Carabu Hymns for me.

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