Draw A Cat!

Cat painting in my journalA few weeks ago, while working on the Genesis painting, I was “tweeting” my Work In Progress photos out on The Twitter.  @DarcyW had commented how much she liked a particular background, so I thought I would do a show about how that background was done.  It was a gorgeous day, so I broadcast from outstide. You can see that recording by clicking Here!

The technique is very simple and effective.  Once you have sealed your page, hit it with some light mists of precious metal spray paints.  In this cat example, I used gold.  Just a light mist then let it dry completely. Then I take acrylic paints mixed with water in spray bottles and lightly spray them.  I allow each color to dry completely before adding another layer.  The result is a beaded color effect with the sheen of the metallic paint showing through.  The cat is an ongoing gag at The Artistic Biker Live!  Someone ALWAYS says “DRAW A CAT” in chat.

I had some technical difficulties at my day job this week, so there was no show! Measures are being taken to ensure that doesn’t happen again, even if I have to have a guest host.  Wonder if I could get Jay Leno…

Anyway, you can watch the cat video at Teh YouTube, or in the embedded player below:

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