Day In, Day Out

I’ve always enjoyed this painting by Salvador Dalí. I have no idea what he meant to say while painting it, nor do I care much. The feeling I get from it is how time just melts together. The days just run one into another.

As a child, summer lasted forever and Christmas was always a year away. Now I wake up and find a whole month has flown by while I’m still trying to get my dreams lined up. Child psychologists refer to this phenomenon(doo doo do do doot) as “Kid minutes”. 5 minutes seem like an hour to a five year old. At 36, an hour seems like five minutes. Days go by like lightning. But day in day out, there’s still that sense of waiting. The sense that it’ll be better tomorrow. I’ll get to that just as soon as I get through with this. And then it’s July…

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

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