Daddy/Daughter Breakfast 25MAY2013

breakfast sketches

With school being out, it being Memorial Day Weekend, and no soccer, we slept in.  It was wonderful.  Boy2 didn’t wake us up until almost 7.  We’ve both been kind of playing around with shapes in our sketchbooks for the last few weeks.  It’s great to just doodle together.

Girl2 on a scooter

Then we went to the studio together so I could build some frames.  I couldn’t get anything done from running outside every five minutes to check on her and her scooter.  This is a kid that I can’t get to walk and sip from a straw at the same time.  Now she’s supposed to scoot, watch for traffic, AND sip her drink?  I put the cones out so maybe the motorists would slow down and wonder what was going on.  I might be a bit protective.

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