Daddy-Daughter Breakfast 25FEB2012

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast Sketches 25FEB2012

Wholly Crap did we have breakfast early that morning!  Girl2 had her first soccer game of the season at 9AM Saturday, and the fields are an hour away.  That means we had to go to breakfast and get back before 7am so we could get changed and leave by 7:45.  So at 6:15 we were standing outside of our usual breakfast cafe only to discover they had changed their hours.  Now they don’t open until 7.  UNHAPPY FACE!  Anyway, since we’re not cry babies, we walked back home and got in the truck in search of another cafe.  THEN, just as we were about to get to the soccer fields, a train STOPPED on the tracks in front of us!  Luckily we noticed it happening in time to turn a block away and circumvent that sucker.  We still made it to the game early enough for warm ups!  I know that’s not as exciting a story to the rest of you, but for us, it’s a pretty big accomplishment.

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