Daddy-Daughter Breakfast 04FEB2012

Daddy Daughter Breakfast Sketches 11FEB2012 After being at the studio for Midnight at Oasis until 3 am, I was NOT in the mood to be awake.  However, I am always in the mood to spend time with my little girl, especially for Daddy/Daughter breakfast.  It was more of a brunch this week as we didn’t get there until after 10. Girl2 was starving and ate all of her biscuits and gravy, her toast with jelly, one of my eggs, half of my hash browns, and half of the bacon! If you look carefully, you will notice that we were situated directly in front of the cinnamon roll tray. Le Wild Cinnamon Bun As we sat there staring at it, I just kept wondering if anyone would notice me scraping the “goodie” off the tray with my fork.  Yum!

2 thoughts on “Daddy-Daughter Breakfast 04FEB2012

  1. You can tell what kind of day she was planning … look at all the stars! A day of excitement! Dad on the other hand…..more coffee. :)

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