Sunday Funnies 06SEP2009

Like a Red Rubber Ball!

“Like a Red Rubber Ball…”

This is the kind of thing that makes my dinner cold.  I get an idea in my head and I have to put it to paper.  This afternoon we had lunch at my grandmother’s house.  The long standing tradition there is that while waiting for lunch, I would always read the “Red” funnies.  That’s the funnies that are in color in the Sunday paper.  I know they haven’t been called that in a very long time, but my granny still does.  Anyway, I got in mind to do a Sunday comic similar to Ziggy.  I have been quietly obsessing over it all evening.  Then, after we had ordered our calzone from a local restaurant and it was time for me to leave to pick it up, I decided it was time to work on it.  After the fourth time my beautiful young bride reminded me that the food was ready to be picked up, I called it finished.

EDM 125 and Modify

modifyThis week’s Illustration Friday challenge was “Modify.”  While thinking about this one, I happened to look up at the folks with their laptops lining the counter at the coffee shop.  We used to spray paint and decorate the cases of our computers back in “the day.”  We probably still should.

edm125spongeEDM 125, draw a sponge.  I think this is my favorite style of drawing.  The extreme close up still life.  I would like to do one of these on a six foot panel.


shakyThis week’s challenge at Illustration Friday is “Shaky.”

I go against the grain of the art community in most of my politics, especially when it comes to ecology, the economy, and the military.  That is one of the main reasons I wanted to separate The Small Town Big Life Show from The Artistic Biker.  I didn’t want the politics to interfere with the art and vice versa.  I am not a tree hugging, tofu eating, prius driving, latte sipping, hippy like my good friend Mark Dyson.  I do have a healthy respect for living things and refuse to kill things unecessarily.  I didn’t eat at a local restaurant for almost five years because they moved their establishment from one side of a street to another and cut down a 150 year old tree to do it.  Ok, maybe I’m a little bit of a tree hugger.  On the economy, I typically follow that if you support the infrastucture, it will support the people (REPUBLICAN).  You will do better in the long run to support the industries that create jobs than you will creating social programs to support un- or under-employed.  And for the military, I am not a pacifist by any stretch of the imagination.  I agree that the best defense is a good offense.  If you take the fight to them, then there won’t be a fight in your back yard.  Sometimes, war is the only viable option for the security of our nation and our world.  Often, though, I find myself conflicted on whether or not a particular fight is one of those viable options.  I find myself asking more and more often how the comments or actions of a foreign leader actually affect my security.  Sometimes, I even find myself more concerned about my neighbor’s and our leaders’ reactions to those foreign events.  My country has troops stationed everywhere in the world there is a conflict.  Lately, I have been asking if that is simply because we have troops everywhere, or if the conflict is only there because we are.  I’m sure it’s a little of both.  Sometimes, I feel like the little bit of peace we have carved out for ourselves here might be falling away on shaky ground.

Big Boys and Small Cars

unfoldMy son, Boy1, is 6′ 6″ or 7′ or even possibly 8′.  I’m only 5′ 7″ so from down here he just blots out the sun.  He drives a little Chevrolet …sonoma? I’m not sure, but it’s one of those miniature pickup trucks.   The thought of him getting in and out of it fit well with this week’s Illustration Friday theme, “Unfold.”

I’ve been promising the folx on Twitter some photos of my ride to and from work every morning.  I couldn’t really get a good image of the curving roads because of the glorious trees blocking it out.  I probably should have gotten some pictures of the farmland and cows too.  Maybe next time.  This gallery is for you Avenefica! (Biker chicks are hot!)