The Creator’s Spark – An Introduction

The Creation of Snail

Pablo Picasso said, everybody’s born an artist, and the trick is to remain an artist as you become an adult. That is to say that everybody is born creative, that creativity is inherent in the human experience. Everybody has a creative spark.

Most either believe that we were created by an Almighty Creator, or that we evolved from a single-celled organism and grew into multi-species, and all the various life forms. If created, then The Creator used His creative spark to create us, and thereby imbued us also with a dose of creativity. If we evolved from the energy of the universe, then the only thing that sets us apart from the other animals is our creativity.

  • Creativity is simply the ability to imagine something, and planning ways to deal with it.

While the source of creativity can be argued until the end of time, it’s purpose is evident. To ensure our survival. We are not the strongest species. We have no claws, sharp teeth, or even thick skin. We only have our collective wits to set us apart and that appears to have been enough. We could not only imagine ways we could have been in danger, but also ways to avoid it, to prevent it, and to use an attack to our advantage in catching prey. Our creativity allowed us to  domesticate helpers and foods. Our creativity allowed us to build on discoveries made by others. Whether you believe our being the apex predator is a good thing or not, it was our creativity that got us here. And it is our creativity that will help us resolve any problems we face, even those we might create. ;)

Can you think of ways creativity has helped or hindered you personally? Do you sometimes doubt your own creativity? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it.

The creation of the creation of snail