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The Artistic Biker Does Retro: After a long discussion of what exactly “Retro” means, I decided that Retro is a matter of perspective. To some, it’s bell bottoms and hippie clothes. To others, it’s huge, clunky cell phones. To me, it’s cassette tapes and izod shirts. And Kiss. And Prince. And Paisley. :)

Three ways to watch:

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The 1-hour The Artistic Biker! can be found at:
ant the 5-minute Art Journal Video can be found at:

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You’ll notice things are a bit different this week.  Since I somehow managed to lose several files last week, I thought this might be a fine time to implement some changes.  BUT, I’m not finished deciding exactly what all changes I’m going to do.  In the meantime, however, please take a look around at the links for the artists who’s works appeared on the show and the links to the visitors from the chat.

Artists highlighted in this week’s episode include:

Link Lovelies:



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