Art Journal Underpinnings

After playing with my paints one night, I noticed that most of them were fairly transparent.  I count on that when adding layers.  I like to build my paintings up in layers to add depth.  I also, many times, like to obscure something in the background.  This time, I was noticing how some of the paint seemed to luminesce as the sun set.  This was only a play on the light, but it got me wondering if neons or glow in the dark paints would shine through from underneath.  So the next day while at Michael’s, I bought me some glow-in-the-darks, and some neons to see what it would do.  I ended up running out to the Wal*Mart at 10pm to buy a black-light so I could check the results.  You can see in the photo, some of the colors REALLY shined through.  I was VERY excited and woke my beautiful, young bride up to show her.  Somehow, at 1am, she wasn’t as enthused.

For The Artistic Biker Live!, I painted a scary clown face and was going to paint a completely different, happy scene on top of it.  Half way through, I got another idea and decided I would rather play with the new idea than finish this one.  I fretted about it for almost a minute before I realized that it’s MY journal and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do in it.  So I turned the page and went on to the next project.  That’s a great lesson and brings on a LOT of freedom.

I got a call from my day job that required me go out of town for a few days so I didn’t get to finish either project.  However, I was able to edit the video while on the road and get it posted Sunday evening.  You can see the video on The YouTube or just watch it in the player below:

My friend Rhomany says that once you pick up the little brushes, the painting is done.  The idea is that once you have done the detail work, you’ve done the bit that interests you.  If you keep at it, you’ll just frustrate and bore yourself.  Have you ever started a piece only to discover that you didn’t like it, discovered a new direction, or just lost interest?

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