Art Journal tribute to the Turkey

ATT00034Have you ever been so into the zone that you forgot to perform a major function of what you’re doing?  That question probably couldn’t be any more unclear.  Let me try it again.  I’ll start by saying I forgot to take pictures.  I made this art journal entry with the full intent on sharing the process with you here, but I flat forgot to take pictures.  Even my video camera cut out on some of the best parts.  I didn’t notice because I was in the zone.  Has something like that ever happened to you?

This week I did a tribute to the turkey.    I started by creating the background with acrylic sprays, watercolor crayon, and spray paint.  I went to a local farm and got some really nice pictures of turkeys to model for the painting, but ended up using a photo provided by my grandmother circa. 1970.  I sketched the bird in my 9×14 sketchbook and then cut him out and pasted him into the journal.  I gessoed over him and painted him with acrylic poster paints and spray paint.

The other large turkey you see there is Girl2!  I traced her hands on some gessoed newspaper and let her do a watercolor resist to color her feathers.  Then I took a photo of her and pasted it in the middle.  I pasted the pictures of the other birds from the farm and added the text “The Turkey, a noble and tasty bird.”  (Sorry to all of my Vegan friends out there.)

Here is the video:

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