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Wholly Goodness is this a busy time for me!  I’ve spent my every waking moment either at the day job getting ready for visiting dignitaries, online with The Artistic Biker Live! on Thursday nights from 7-9c, or at the new studio cleaning and making preparations.  I was at the studio last night (Sunday) until 1:15am!

Also, I made a tutorial about SPLATTERING available at Dirty Footprints Studio’s 21 Secrets Workshop.  You will notice there is an affiliate link above because not only did she invite me to be an instructor, she is also sharing all of the profits with us!  How great is that?  Registration starts today for a measly $59 and the classes open October 1st.  So CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW AND SIGN UP!  :)

Speaking of Oasis Studios & Gallery, we are not as far along as I would like, but still close enough to have our grand opening on October 1st!  Many of my online and offline friends have offered to put works in the gallery for opening night so that the walls wouldn’t be bare.  I intend to display the works for the month of October in a Friends of Oasis show. On opening night, though, I will hold a silent auction and sell the pieces.  If you would like to participate, send you work, along with a note telling me whether it is a gift, commission, or loan, to:

Oasis Studios & Gallery
211 W Blakely
Rush Springs, OK  73082

A few weeks ago, I had Bill Flowers, The Snake Artist, in my studio.  We went out sketching in the Wichita Mountains, gave a presentation to some local pre-schoolers and then had a public speaking engagement at the local library.  Meeting Bill and Jennifer was a wonderful experience! They are great people you should be watching. You can watch the video at The You Tube or watch in the embedded player below:

Be sure to check out The Artistic Biker Live! every Thursday 7-9pm U.S. Central time. Upcoming events on The Artistic Biker Live!: 23SEP2010 Jenn Sloane at Live Teach Create will talk with us about keeping kids interested in art, the products that cross the line between scrap booking and art journaling, and of course there will be give aways!

3 thoughts on “Art Journal The Outback

  1. Wonderful video and page! Your singing brought a huge smile to my face. I remember the Rocky Horror Picture Show! I wish it was still around here. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Mailing address for postal service is PO Box 63 Rush Springs, OK 73082-0063

    Address for UPS, FED EX etc is 211 W Blakely, Rush Springs, OK 73082


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