Art Journal Spider Webs

Spider Web screen capture

This week on The Artistic Biker Live! Taking a cue from Emil “Rocky” Fiore (, I decided to try and capture a spider web intact in my journal. I took my journal and my spray paints, my camera and my friend out to the bridge behind the studio and caught two abandoned spider webs for my background.  Then I painted some spidery goodness while eating ice cream from the ice cream man who happened by.  It was a very fun night!

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Art Journaling Dot Ning Dot Com has two new workshops that are donation based.  The Cult of Stuff is a workshop dedicated to art journaling without all of the stencils and stamps – just a very basic pad and some pens.  Also, the In The Sun workshop is a follow along prompt list to get your butt out and creating.

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@DarcyW has a series of prompts and challenges going on at her Art and Sole website called 52 Pages. She’ll give you a single word prompt like “Endeavor”, “Crush”, or “Replicate”, and leave it to your imagination how you will use it in your journal.

@TheMightyJay has another edition of The Dark Muse available for download.  I have been in every issue so far, but this month I wasn’t able to contribute.  However, my good friend Jay went ahead and did a brief write up for me anyway.  Thanks Jay!

@gypsy999 has a challenge out there for you to “journal” on an index card every day.  Just something that small could spark your creativity like a jolt of lightening.  Check it out Here!

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What’s On Your Easel?

Here are the folks that sent me links to their work for the What’s On Your Easel segment of the show.  If you or anyone you know would like to be featured in this segment, send me tweet or e-mail me with a link to your blog or photo hosting page like Flickr.

The You Tube:

this week's journal entry

You can watch the video at The You Tube or in the embedded player below:


Link Lovelies

At some point on The Artist Biker Live!, usually the last ten minutes, we open the links up in the chat for everyone to share and promote their works.  All you need to get in this list is be at the show for more than half of it and post your link when announced, or be in attendance five of the previous eight shows.


2 thoughts on “Art Journal Spider Webs

    • Thank you very much! Yes indeed they were strong webs, but I also enhanced them by misting some silver or black spray paint over them to make them stronger as well as easier to see on the page.

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