Art Journal Nightmare Before Halloweeny

It was a unanimous vote on twitter that we do the Halloween party instead of designing Christmas cards. So I put on my usual art clothes went to work on a Nightmare Before Halloweeny.

Art Journal Nightmare Before Halloweeny

This week's featured artists during the live show were:

+jay the viking
+Kerri Love
+Darcy Wilkinson

During the last 10 minutes of the show, we open the links and allow the viewers to share their links as well. Here are this week's viewer links:
[19:44] <+VickiBR> did someone say ….. ??
[19:44] <+DaleAnnePotter> someone did say artjournaling dot ning dot com
[19:44] <+ladyoflosttimes> yes they did say

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5 thoughts on “Art Journal Nightmare Before Halloweeny

  1. Me too. I did all kinds of clay animations when I was a kid – using my Dad's Super eight camera ….waiting months to have the film developed. It's what I'm going to do when I grow up.

  2. First Blade ustream. I really enjoyed watching the painting of this page. Blade is very entertaining in a genuine way. I was inspired and comfortable, this show doesnt feel quite as restrictive as many other of the art journaling streams. It was loads of fun comunicating with the other artists in chat. Just wish chat had spellcheck. I thought I was the only one who used holloweenie as a word.

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