Art Journal New Year 2011

It worked out that the last page in my journal coincided with the last episode of The Artistic Biker Live! of 2010. So this page is dedicated to the end of one year and the beginning of another.

I enjoy mixing colors on my canvas instead of on my pallet.  I also enjoy using only primary and secondary colors to get the tints I want.  I’m reading a book about color by Nita Leland that talks about that very thing, but more about her in a few weeks after we settle down for a chat.

On the last page of these journals, I like to acknowledge the wonderful people who were present when I finished it.  This time, the list fits on one column of one page.  This time next year, I hope I have to add a couple of flaps to fit ’em all in.

You can watch the video on The YouTube or in the embedded player below:

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